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MBBS (Del) MRSH (London) FICA (USA) FSAS (MS) Dc RM. Harvard Medical School (Boston USA)-CRM, Doctorate Honoris Causa (D.Sc.) Medicine, Consulting Physician, Advisor Pulmonary Medicine, & Immunology (Chest Diseases Asthma & Allergy)
Professor Emeritus Department of Chest & Pulmonary Medicine SRM Medical College, Hospital, Research Centre & Post Graduate training Institute – SRM University
Chairman and Managing Director PRG Medicare’s & Researches (P) Ltd. Director QRG Medicare LTD (QRG Super Specialty Hospital) Faridabad Director Indian Medical Tourism Association, Delhi Clinic, H1/10, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016,

Interview Questions

Can Oxy99/Oxygen Improve the Quality of life of a patient with ASTHMA, COPD and OXY99 being light and portable? Will it increase the mobility of patients for short or longer durations depending upon the patient condition?

Definitely it seems that it can improve the quality of life of a patient with ASTHMA, and COPD. There are some patients those who would not like to go for concentrated oxygen and making arrangements for larger oxygen cylinders is difficult. This is the product which is much cheaper. It will definitely improve the life style. It will also increase the mobility of the patient

Can OXY99 can be useful for intermittent on demand oxygen to meet the patients needs in episodic breathlessness, not relieved by other treatments in patients with conditions like 1. Mild or Severe COPD 2. Interstitial lung disease 3. Asthma 4. Palliative care & others medical conditions?

It can definitely meet the patients’ needs in different conditions. That’s what the intention of this product is. I agree for the same.

Will OXY99 be useful due to its high accessibility for respiratory patients especially in situations where an oxygen cylinder is not available or cannot be carried?

Exactly, that is what more important because accessibility will be much easier instead of making arrangement for oxygen cylinders.

Will OXY99 be useful in postoperative thoracic surgery state where mild to moderate hypoxemia is common in the initial stages after general anesthesia?

Exactly, even there it has a role. You don’t have central line and patient has undergone a thoracic surgery needs mild oxygen support and central line is not available so definitely you can use this product.

Will OXY99 is helpful in conditions of acute exacerbation of airway obstruction, mostly occurring after a respiratory tract infection which causes worsening of hypoxia to settled exacerbation?

There exactly we don’t know because once we clinically tried the product then only we can comment. So we have to handle the product personally and see how much flow it would give and how much oxygen support it gives. But some support is definitely there and there is no harm. It will definitely work better but actually to what extant is only after trying the product.

Is OXY99 extremely useful in medical emergency situations till medical help arrives to give relief.

At first point, definitely it is very good. In such cases, it can be a LIFE SAVER. Before you reach a particular organization where proper oxygen is available, it definitely is a very good product.

Will OXY99 be useful as A LIFE SAVER in a host of situations where immediate administering of oxygen may be required to instantly increase the low oxygen levels and restore brain and body function to normal?

Exactly, it is useful.

Would you say that Oxy99 be carried at all times by a respiratory/asthma patient for immediate relief in emergencies and for therapy usage?

It should be carried by even people who badly need oxygen. Now a days, oxygen concentrators are available which are portable, so instead of that this is a much easier option for the patient.