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What is the accessories in oxygen cylinder kit?

you will get the ready to use complete solution.

  1. medical oxygen B Type aluminium cylinder with 2000 litres of oxygen
  2. Cylinder valve (wheel operated).
  3. Oxygen regulator with pressure gauge and built-in oxygen flow control system.
  4. Humidifier Bottle.
  5. Oxygen face mask
  6. Nasal Cannula
  7. Custom branded carry Kit for all accessories with operation manual.


What is the ideal supply range for asthmatic and cod patient?

It is depends on the patient condition and Dr prescription.  in Med 2000 you can adjust pressure 0.5 LPM to 25 lpm.


How much time Med 2000 oxygen cylinder will continue?

It will continue 1000 minutes approx. at 2LPM


What is the weight of the med 2000 cylinder and kit?

Cylinder with kit weight is approx. is 14kg


How to use oxygen cylinder/ Canister 6 L ?

OXY99 comes packaged in an oxygen can that can be used either with a spray or a face mask.


Is oxygen canister is refillable?

No oxygen canister is not refillable we have other refillable product please check in products.


How to refill med 2000 oxygen cylinder what is the process?  

You can book refill in oxy99 app and also call to our expert he will book your refill slots and delivery.


How oxy99 helps you?

OXY99 portable oxygen promotes well-being, improves mental fitness and strengthens immune system.


What types of oxygen cylinders OXY99 offers?

OXY99 offers mainly three types of high quality oxygen products which are listed on our website as MED6L Ultra Portable Oxygen Cylinder with Mask, OXY99 B-TYPE Oxygen Cylinder system (2000 Litres), and OXY3L Oxygen Concentrator. 


Which oxygen product is ideal for emergency use?

Our Ultra Portable Oxygen Cylinder is ideal for emergency use and we recommended that every household should keep them handy. Being light-weight, you can carry them around so you can use them in emergency as first-aid. 


When you should take oxygen support?

According to physicians, we must opt for oxygenation when blood oxygen levels SpO2 readings fall below 94%.  The specialists recommend oxygen blood level between 95-99% as ideal. We can increase blood oxygen level through oxygen therapy which involves breathing from oxygen cylinders or concentrators.


What is an oxygen concentrator and how does it work?

Oxygen concentrator is an electronically operated device that separates oxygen from the ambient air. The device works on the principle of rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) that uses twin vessels filled ZEOLITE. When the air passes through one of the vessel nitrogen is adsorbed in ZEOLITE while allowing oxygen to pass through and is collected as a product gas. Oxygen so collected has purity up to 92-95%.


What is an oxygen cylinder and how does it work?

Oxygen cylinder is storage equipment.  The cylinders supply oxygen through a surgical mask over the nasal cannula to patients. Oxygen cylinders come in 2000 liter capacity presure can be adjust 0.5 to 25LPM pressure are selected depending upon the conditions of the patients.  

Oxygen cylinder comprises of a flow regulator knob, pressure gauge, humidifier bottle, nasal cannula, surgical mask, adapter, etc. The cylinder stars to operate when you turn the cylinder’s valve on using a wrench. Then, you check the gauge for pressure reading and ensure that you have got adequate oxygen in the cylinder.

Next, using the flow regulator knob you adjust the flow as per the prescription. Now you can attach nasal cannula or facemask and tubing and adjust them for getting a comfortable fit. And, the cylinder is ready to use!


Why we need oxygen?

We need oxygen for burning food at the cellular level that releases energy used by the body for performing its tasks.